Our Services

Royal’s natural flavorings from vegetable sources are produced with the highest quality standards. The high flavor intensity of Royal’s products allow our customer to enjoy a robust taste while reducing production costs in a wide variety of food formulations.

Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (HVP’s) and special blends of custom flavors can be manufactured to your specifications in dry, liquid, or paste forms using state of the art techniques in Hydrolysis, Evaporating, Drying, Grinding, Blending, and Screening. Royal’s advanced processes allow for flexibility when it comes to customizing flavors to your specifications.

Royal’s vacuum dried granular HVPs are less hygroscopic, more soluble, and have a longer shelf life over spray dried HVPs.

Royal’s HVP’s are more stable under varying process conditions and can be used in normal Canning/Freezing/Baking without any deterioration or change in flavor.

Royal’s HVP’s can also be used with excellent results in baking flavored snacks and crackers, as they can easily withstand higher temperatures at or around 356 degrees Fahrenheit.

The full advantage of Royal’s quality flavors come with Royal quality service. Our vast collective expertise in the development of specialty and functional flavors from your food formulations is readily available upon request. Royal also offers assistance in selecting the right flavors and optimizing them to suit your needs.