Our Products

Our products define flavor. With our unique ingredients and innovative techniques, we are able to create many specialty flavors.

Standard HPVs

We offer a complete line of Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins (HVPs) used in the food industry.

Savory Flavors

Royal has developed unique savory flavor substitutes designed to provide the indistinguishably “true” meaty taste of beef, poultry, pork, ham, and seafood, as well as other flavors.


Our innovative techniques combine yeast extracts and nucleotides with standard HVPs to create excellent flavor profiles that can be incorporated into many specialty and gourmet food products.

Specialty Flavors

Specialty flavors address specific dietary requirements suitable for vegetarian and low salt diets. Royal’s “vegetarian-friendly” flavors can be readily used in conjunction with textured vegetable proteins (TVPs), as well as with meat analogues, to create specialty food products. Flavors are also available without mono-sodium glutamate (MSG) or HVPs.

Reaction Flavors

We have successfully introduced a line of reaction flavors that have been developed using sophisticated and complex processes. Our RFB, RFC, and RFP’s are very popular in the food industry. Most sophisticated and complex reaction flavors are also available for production.